Workers in the unorganized sector constitutes nearly 90% of India’s total work force requiring focused attention for relief from exploitation, occupational health hazards and the ever-increasing suffering due to low wages and inadequate social safety net. ESSS strategized a two-fold approach to the   social work interventions in this segment. One is the social mobilization and forming self help groups as platform for social and economical development and the other is mainstreaming unorganized workers through Kerala Labour Movement (KLM).

Thrust Areas of the Labour Department

  • Animation & Capacity Building
  • Promotion of Social Security Schemes
  • Networking & Linkages with governmental and other likeminded agencies
  • Advocacy & Lobbying
  • Skill Development

Kerala Labour Movement

Kerala Labour Movement (KLM) is an official organ of Kerala Catholic Bishops Council (KCBC) working for the betterment of unorganized workers in Kerala to enhance the dignity of labourers.

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Domestic Workers Group

Self help groups of women domestic workers are promoted by ESSS aiming their holistic development through mutual help and participation. Here also the group strength is varying between 10-20.

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Tailoring Workers Group

Similar to the self-help groups of domestic workers, 10- 20 women tailoring workers with homogenous socio-economic conditions are mobilized on the principle of self-help, harmony and mutual help.

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