ESSS family development initiatives include Save a Family Plan – India supported Family Development Programme & Snehasparsam Programme. It augments the developmental needs of vulnerable families by providing services to children, other individual family members and the family as a unit. The systematic support, guidance, monitoring and accompaniment of ESSS helps the selected families to learn how to manage their personal, family, and community circumstances through growth, education, personal economic achievement and social development.


The Save A Family Plan – India (SAFP) Family Development Programme (FDP)

The programme is initiated to help poverty stricken families to meet their basic needs and to encourage them to move towards self reliance by the creation of their own personalized income generation projects. This will lead the selected families to self-sufficient within the six years of monthly financial assistance and guidance.

The programme helps to

  • Improve their living conditions and reduces their indebtedness by constant assistance and guidance to the families.
  • Diminish the burden on single parents such as widows and widowers as well as abandoned women.
  • Provide avenue for subsidies and bank loans that would not normally be available to the poor.
  • Provide a built-in support system through Community Based Organizations.


Snehasparsam is initiated in connection with Quasquicentennial Jubilee celebration of the Archdiocese of Verapoly and the Golden Jubilee celebration of Ernakulam Social Service Society to help the poorest of poor families. The families selected through the eligibility criteria will be assisted for a period of six years consecutively and an amount of Rs.1000/- will be given to the families per month.