Kerala Labour Movement

Kerala Labour Movement (KLM) is an official organ of Kerala Catholic Bishops Council (KCBC) working for the betterment of unorganized workers in Kerala to enhance the dignity of labourers. Independent trade unions and labour fora are formed for protecting job, improving the working condition, assuring reasonable wages, promoting social security schemes, building workmanship qualities, enhancing skills, promoting sustainable livelihood and micro-enterprises.  


Labour Fora Functional at ESSS


Kerala Domestic Workers Union [KDWF]

An independent trade union established for domestic workers under Kerala Labour Movement aims at ensuring decent work for domestic workers by protecting their rights, promoting social security schemes, building capacities and inculcating knowledge.


Swathanthra Nirmana Thozhilali Union [SNTU]

An independent trade union of construction workers functioning under Kerala Labour Movement. Apart from employment and welfare guarantee, the programme specifies on building up good workmanship qualities, promoting social security schemes, skill enhancement and entrepreneurial development etc…


Kerala Tailoring Workers Forum [KTWF]

Another initiative of Kerala Labour Movement functional at ESSS. KTWF has been instrumental for enrollment of tailoring workers in the Kerala Tailoring workers Welfare Fund Board.


Kerala Malsya Thozhilali Forum (KMTF)

An independent trade union of construction workers functioThe target group is the traditional fish workers in the sea, back waters, ice factory, fish market, but not established, self employed. The union conducts awareness programmes, promoting social security schemes, advocacy programmes, lobbying and networking, skill development programmes and introducing new technology to the traditional fish workers as alternatives.